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My reality or our reality
Why have you forsaken others around,
dragging innocents in your battle.
Reputable is who you think you are,
Hellion is your true self that you hide.
If you indeed have the honor,
then you have the privilege.
You need to go in your own battles,
stand by your virtues till death.
But no more love or compassion remains,
Portrait of pain, held inside a broken Frame.
It puts shit in perspective quite well,
but...temporarily, of course.
In this world only madmen are happy,
No one cares to try and change.
Just.....why can't I be free?
I just want the world to look at a mirror.
Humanity becomes a victim of its stupidity.
:iconsakuyayoru:SakuyaYoru 4 2
Welcome to my mind
I simply want to move away,
I just don't want to stay here.
Anchored down here to decay,
Trying to find myself a distraction.
I want to wish myself to fade,
Is all I am going to do is fail.
In my heart I want to pervade,
I don't want to be doomed wail.
I just don't have no one to endear,
A single hope drowning in starlight.
And why should my mind disappear,
Choosing the words to save the night.
Illusion-ed trust, distrust our purity,
I know what is in my heart and soul.
All I feel in my soul is surety,
I want to make my wounded heart whole.
:iconsakuyayoru:SakuyaYoru 4 0
Just a life
Storms running in my mind,
Winds of madness stirring.
Always seem to be in a bind,
My soul is is always burning.
I always seem to be crucified,
All theirs word are made of blades.
Are they always going to be unsatisfied,
In their minds serial shimmers and shades.
In the constant waves of madness,
My soul no longer rings like a bell.
Now I am surrounded in sadness,
Cause I have already ascended into hell.
:iconsakuyayoru:SakuyaYoru 4 0
Little trust
An all-encompassing feeling,
Causing immense eternal pain.
My entire mind in reeling.
Placing my soul on constant strain.
Trying to pull my thoughts away,
The rage and depression growing.
Only to be someones prey,
My tears are ever flowing.
I know my truth , I'll guess yours.
Or is everything you say is a lie.
Do I know if I my soul endures?
How has my life become so awry?
I want to live without destruction,
But you just want to hurt me.
All the while I see you as an obstruction,
Now I simply want to be free.
:iconsakuyayoru:SakuyaYoru 2 0
Who ever said I was smart?
Whenever I get to see you smile,
My heart instantly flutters.
Feelings take control once in a while,
My face showing the brightest of red colours.
Maybe if I was like other guys,
Just as handsome as the others.
Not to be over looked by your eyes,
Just to get you to look and wonder.
You always are in my thoughts,
Constantly coming into my dreams.
Recalls your beauty I once enshrined,
Your eyes alone stops me it seems.
No one can stop me not even my heart.
I tried but my heart and soul are weak.
But who ever said I was ever smart?
I descend farther into loving a woman that is unique....
:iconsakuyayoru:SakuyaYoru 4 0
Her Smile
There is no perfect way To explain,
It’s all I do to make my day.
If I could have all the time in the world,
I know exactly what I would do.
To reach out for the end of my quest,
To receive that flash of a woman’s smile.
When all goes wrong, and my life runs amok,
Her smile alone brings me inner peace.
With a smile brighter than the sun,
When I am without her, the skies are cloudy.
To pry that moment of a woman's smile,
Simply to bring life back to my world.
It’s that look I catch in your eye,
That sparkling glint I spy with in them.
Now I finally realize the truth behind it,
It’s me that draws this woman’s smile.
:iconsakuyayoru:SakuyaYoru 6 6
Will you get to know me?
There are things within us,
Things to never be released.
But should we ever share them,
Could you ever gain their trust?
There are things I can not control,
Battles that I am always loosing.
But at the end of the day,
We have the few that we can trust.
I am forever contemplating things,
Maybe glimpsing who I could be.
That moment you notice I am quiet,
Am I who you think I could be?
I write in hope and emotions,
Hoping one day you will answer.
Then if you decided to know me,
With a open heart and mind.
:iconsakuyayoru:SakuyaYoru 5 0
Out of Reach
Have I been thinking too big,
Wanted what is out of reach.
Having it slip from my grasp,
Time and time again.
Only then a thought Crosses my mind,
I needed someone to believe in me.
You are just out of reach.
I know you're out there.
I can hear you in the distance
But I can't quite make you out.
I don’t want to embarrass myself,
so I don’t stay around anymore
Instead I go to my room to think and write
If only you knew how much I liked you
Fate only takes us so far in our lives
the rest is for us to decide
And I am just letting this moment go by,
So close and yet so far....
Just out of reach.....
:iconsakuyayoru:SakuyaYoru 3 0
Mature content
Birth of the Hatter :iconsakuyayoru:SakuyaYoru 5 0
Truth of Life
The world is an illusion,
Force upon you by others.
Only we can find the truth,
A truth hidden in the shadows.
There is one true thing in life,
And not everyone can see it.
Sitting here in the dark thinking,
On getting others to feel love.
Others may think I am weird,
That I a dream way too much.
The thoughts pound my mind,
Like an unforeseen weight.
This is the solemn truth,
The one absolute truth.
Truth is waiting up every night,
For nothing to happen with you.
Strength is immense of the words,
Which flow from your heart.
Just feel everything with your heart,
To realize the actual meaning of life.
:iconsakuyayoru:SakuyaYoru 5 0
The warmth is leaving my heart,
Slowly cracking from freezing.
How did it end up like this,
Is it me or all in my head.
Where did it all go wrong,
Can I no do anything right.
Choking on all of my emotions,
Remembering all of my downfalls.
No accomplishments to speak of,
Wishing to gets something right.
My heart is shattering tonight,
With tears fading away in the rain.
Eager to throw away the pain,
But never wanting to give up.
Never failing on what matters,
I continue to struggle on.
:iconsakuyayoru:SakuyaYoru 3 2
Pour our hearts into it
You are one of a kind,
One of the perfection.
Just the one for me,
Brightest star in the sky.
I love your kind and thoughtful ways
And the joy you bring to my life everyday
I love you today as I have from the start
I'll love you forever with all my heart.
Forever is a long time,
Sadly we don't have forever.
I wish we could do everything together.
But you and I can do it all.
If we pour our hearts into to it....
:iconsakuyayoru:SakuyaYoru 3 5
I can't stand this anymore,
Loosing all of my control.
I hate these feelings inside,
Feeling so utterly weak now.
My blood is burning up,
Storm of emotions inside.
I can't cope with this at all,
I will loose all of my control.
I am going crazy in my mind,
Everything is feeling wrong.
Just take my feelings away....
it is wrong to feel this way...
it's stupid and unacceptable...
I'm weak..
I'm bad...
it's dangerous...
I want to be saved....
It's so hard to be brave.
:iconsakuyayoru:SakuyaYoru 4 18
Inner Torment
In the depths of my soul,
Where serenity should be.
The depression speaks out,
Cries echoing in the abyss.
Hiding the pain and frustration,
Coasting through my days.
Hardly having inspiration,
Trying not to self inflict pain.
I want to share myself,
But hide all the pain.
Having fear of being hated,
And oddly hating myself.
Crying out in the night,
Hiding my tears in the rain.
For all this has been my fault.
Only have myself to blame.
:iconsakuyayoru:SakuyaYoru 6 11
Mature content
Just One Wish :iconsakuyayoru:SakuyaYoru 9 76
Lone Echo
My sense falls to the depths,
Of my empty animus.
Which is feeding my mind inspiration
To my art of avoidance.
For weeks, for months, for years,
I have been mocked each day.
I was broken and torn,
In a slow; painful way.
They did this to me,
They caused me to bleed.
My tears have gone unnoticed,
You all planted the seed.
No one will ever know,
Just the ones that hurt me.
Striving to become opposite of them,
A lone echo in the world.
:iconsakuyayoru:SakuyaYoru 6 7


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Every day I am in pain and work. I deal with and don't ask for much. I all I ask is help to pay of the remainder of the bills from the accident. Nothing added to it, anything now and in the future I will pay for it. I started a go fund me but no one sees it on the site till it reaches $500.00. Right now, donate at least a dollar or share share any form of help is a big help. I just hope things get better.
Been to busy with work, which is hard. Trouble sleeping and the daily pain. But I certainly try my hardest. I went to megacon again this year but because of medicals bills, it was a gift. Good news, no bad luck. Even better news, court case has ended. Guy has been found guilty. Now I just need to wait on the state and see what happens. Still have medical to pay.…
Another day and more stress. Just need to keep doing my best. Court case is pushed again. They guy needs to go to prison. Steal a car and run someone over, now fighting punishment. This country is messed up, everyone needs to be held accountable for their mistakes.

"You can't escape this feeling of disintegration. The world is fragile.
But you also can't let it ruin your life. I'm actually a pretty composed
person. I guess people imagine I spend my life thinking about crazy,
sinister things but I don't, really. It's not like I'm trying to exorcise
any demons."

"Michael Shannon"

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